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Digitalise, manage, and distribute your multi-day tours, day tours, activities, transfer services, and other travel products from a single platform, at $0 per month.

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Experience the most comprehensive end-to-end travel management software in the market with Twurs for Operators.
Available on 27th Oct 2021
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    Airlines, OTAs, marketplaces

All of these for
$0 per month.

$0 set-up fee. $0 recurring costs. $0 commission per transaction. Absolutely no hidden costs. We only make money by adding a markup whenever we or our partners sell any of your products. Start today, 100% risk free.

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All-in-one platform

The ultimate tool for travel operators

Twurs for Operators provides you and your team with all the tools needed to digitalise, manage, and sell your travel products

Wide support

Twurs supports the loading of multi-day tours, day tours, activities, transfer services, and other travel products

Distribution partners

Increase your sales with our distribution partners, including airlines, OTAs, and online marketplaces

Supply analytics

Twurs uses predictive AI and historical data to forecast supply and demand of travel-related products

Powerful automations

Twurs helps you to automate away the tedious tasks of logging, managing orders, and updating inventory

Capture all transactions

Using our transaction module, capture all your online and offline transactions seamlessly in one place

Explore the Twurs process
Start with the product

At the heart of Twurs are the wide array of travel products and customisations we support. Use our intuitive product loader to digitalise all your products, then add various types of promotions, discounts, and add-ons.

Upload your product
Use our modern content management system (CMS) to upload your product content, such as itineraries, highlights, and descriptions
Add your customisations
Use our intuitive promotions and discounts module to add conditional promotions, discounts, add-ons, and more
Add pricing logic
Using our seasonalities and variations module, quickly customise your prices to account for seasonality, customer age, and surcharges
Automate your workflow

Twurs comes with many powerful automations and tools to help your team spend less time managing inventory. Save precious time and manpower to spend on developing new products and speaking to customers.

Enter product inventory
Use our components module to quickly enter the detailed breakdowns of each component of your travel product in terms of availability
Update in real-time
Update your inventory and availabilities in real-time, pushing any changes instantly to all currently active distribution channels
Automate your processes
Whenever a transaction is made, our algorithms intelligently updates all relevant component inventories, automatically
Sell to more customers

Reach out to more customers as well as influential distribution partners such as airlines, OTAs, and online marketplaces through Twurs.

Distribution partners
Gain access to our comprehensive network of distribution partners, ranging from airlines and OTAs to online marketplaces and more
Internationalise your sales
We support international payments and 135+ different currencies, so you can scale globally with ease
Unlock your potential

With Twurs, free yourself from time-consuming work such as inventory management and sales processes, and focus on what you do best

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get approved?
To qualify as a tour operator, you need to provide us with a copy of your company incorporation documents and tourism licence.
Is there any installation required?
Our product is a mobile-friendly web application, which means that you only need a browser to access our platform.
What are the distribution channels?
We have access to many influential distribution partners such as airlines, online travel agencies (OTAs), and travel agents.
How do I sign up as a distributor?
To sign up a distributor, simply create an account with us and select "Distributor" as your business type.

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